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Note: Teams must submit their proposals online before the Kickoff Conference.

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Total Number of Proposals: 61
School    Team    Project Title
Academy For Tech & Classics    1    Using Neural Networks to Detect Developmental Delays
Belen High    2    Project Emerson
Belen High    3     Cithara for Nerds UwU
Belen High    6    A Look Back at The Past Presidents
Belen Middle    8    Choices.
Belen Middle    9    Historical Goggle World
Belen Middle    10    Bananas
Belen Middle    11    3! 2! 1! Action! The Film Making Experience!
Belen Middle    12    Shooting back in time
Capital High    13    Gun Block: Detecting Guns in a Video Stream Using Machine-Learning
Capital High    14    Detection of Network Attacks with Aircrack-ng
Desert Academy    15    Using ai to give signatures a purpose .
Eldorado High    16    It’s Raining Seeds! Hallelujah!
Gadsden Mid    1008    Anti-Vaxers
Gadsden Mid    1010    Hepatitis in Prison
Grady High    17    What we can do to Discourage Diabetic and Obese Lifestyles
Jackson Middle School    18    Agricultural Drought
Jackson Middle School    19    Fun Ways to Learn About Anxiety
Los Alamos High    20    Activity-by-Contact Model to Predict Enhancer-Gene Connections
Los Alamos High    1003    Automatic Differentiation and AI Applied to Computational Physics
Los Alamos High    1005    Peeking inside the Black Box: Comprehensible Neural Networks, for Cancer Diagnosis
Los Alamos Mid    21    How to win Monopoly
Los Alamos Mid    1017    Visual Detection of Melanoma Cancer with Artificial Intelligence
Los Lunas High    22    Fuel for our Future
Manzano High    26    Hybrid Cyber Attack
Media Arts Charter School    27    Carbon Calculator
Media Arts Charter School    28    
Media Arts Charter School    31    A novel approach to increased chance of winning a domino game
Media Arts Charter School    32    Taniya Project Plan
Media Arts Charter School    33    Unique Ways of Data
Media Arts Charter School    1023    To Catch A Battleship
Melrose High    35    “Till the Cows Come Home Again”
Melrose High    36    Mustangs of America
Melrose High    37    Changing Earth
Melrose High    38    The Dead Files
Melrose High    39    hearing test
Melrose High    40    Whales vs world
Melrose High    45    Volleyball Statistics
Melrose Middle    51    solar sail colonizing
Memorial Middle    1007    CYBERSECURTIY
Mesilla Valley Leadership Academy    53    Micheal The Human 2.0
Mesilla Valley Leadership Academy    54    Safety on the Road!
Mesilla Valley Leadership Academy    55    google safe search is unsafe
Monte del Sol    1016    Wildfire Spread
Multi-CottonwoodDelNorte    56    Fire Department Wait Times
Multi-Eldorado/Manzano/Sandia    25    Internet of Things Security: How to Keep Iot’s Secure in Public Settings?
New Mexico Military Institute    58    Deforestation Simulation Project
New Mexico School for the Arts    59    It’s ‘Bout To Get Lit Up In Here: Modeling Forest Fire Risks in Northern New Mexico
Rio Rancho Cyber Academy    60    Meadow Restoration
Ruidoso Middle    61    Music and Piracy
Santa Fe High    63    Nuclear Disaster
Santa Fe High    64    Protect Their Data
Santa Fe High    65    Human Thought Processes
Sat Sci Math Acad    1015    Cryptosystem Project
Socorro High    66    


Socorro High    67    The Vocal Voltmeter
Socorro High    68    Bus Route Scheduler
Socorro High    69    Household Water Conservation
Southwest Secondary Learning Center    1012    Plotting defects in graphene at the nano-scale
Taos High    70    Doctor's Assistant Program
Taos High    71    Solar Savings