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Total Number of Interims: 55
School    Team    Project Title
Academy For Tech & Classics    1    Detecting Cognitive Developmental Delays
Albuquerque High    4    Traffic Model
Barranca Mesa Elementary    5    Detecting Shockwaves with AI
Capital High    6    The Traveling Salesman Problem
Capital High    7    Comparing The Strength of Crystals
Eldorado High    13    Cash Money
Gadsden Mid    17    Distemper Outbreaks
Jackson Middle School    20    Nanobots vs Cancer
La Cueva High    21    Drag forces on projectile motion
Las Cruces High    22    Water Usage Simulation
Las Cruces High    23    Traffic Lights: The Citizen's Daily Strife
Las Cruces High    25    Predicting Average Cost for Hurricane Repairs
Las Cruces High    26    Parking Safety and Convenience
Las Cruces High    27    Using Epidemiology to Model Computer Viruses
Los Alamos High    28    Forecasting Geospatial Malnutrition Prevalence to Optimize Local Procurement of Therapeutic Foods
Los Alamos High    29    Using QAOA to Solve NP-Hard Problems on NISQ Computers
Los Alamos High    30    A Song of Ice and Water: Estimating Ice-Shelf Melt Rates
Los Alamos High    97    
Modeling Tidal Waves and Ocean Surges in Coastal Channels and Bays
Los Alamos High    98    Protein Function Inference via Neural Network
Los Alamos Mid    32    What is the Radius of the Earth's Core?
Los Lunas High    1001    Ready, Set, Grow!
Mayfield High    36    Modeling the effects of climate change on the Rio Grande 2.0
Media Arts Charter School    86    How to Counter Invasive Fish Species
Media Arts Charter School    87    Finding the Battleships
Melrose High    41    Volleyball Statistics
Melrose High    42    The Color Yellow
Melrose High    43    Cancer Connections
Melrose High    44    Muscle Mass
Melrose High    45    Turtles Vs. Pollution
Melrose High    46    Till the cows com home
Melrose High    47    4U App
Melrose Middle    48    Crop-Dust We Must, take 2
Melrose Middle    49    The Wild Horses of America
Melrose Middle    51    Soil Formation
Mesilla Valley Leadership Academy    53    the plague and hand washing
Mesilla Valley Leadership Academy    54    C.A.R.E
Multi Schools-CCP/CMS    10    Fire Department Wait Times
Multi Schools-EH/MH/SH    11    How Does Nutrition Affect Depression?
Multi Schools-EH/NexGen    12    The Curse of Immersive Recursive Maze Solving Algorithms
New Mexico School for the Arts    56    Optimal Geometry for Flapping-Wing Flight
New Mexico Tech Upward Bound Math & Science    59    The Mission of Plastic Decomposition: Fungi Edition
New Mexico Tech Upward Bound Math & Science    60    Smart Farming
Portales High    63     Applying Facial Recognition to Criminal Justice
Rio Rancho Cyber Academy    65    Mix It Up!
Santa Fe High    72    Air Pollution on US scale
Sarracino Mid    74    Exploring with Cellular Automata
Sarracino Mid    75    Angry boards
School of Dreams Academy    78    Plutonium-Behavior and effects
Shiprock High    80    School Emergency Response
Socorro High    81    

Mangrove Madness

Taos High    82    Moving Water
Taos High    83    Doctors Assistant Program
Taos High    84    Avalanche Dogs
Taos High    1006    Stem Cell Therapy: Modeling the application of renewable stem cells on bodies affected by cancer.
Technology Leadership High    85    NUC