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Total Number of Proposals: 54
Team    Project Title
1    Combating Air Pollution by Forecasting Ground Ozone Levels
2    "Get the Show On, Get Paid- All That Glitters is Gold" - Smash Mouth's All Star
3    Keeping Personal Assistant Devices Secure at Home: The Google Home Mini (GHM)
4    The Relationship Between Automation and Unemployment Rates
5    Using Machine Learning to Model Cancer in The Human Genome
6    Helping the Visually Impaired
7    S P A C E SPACE Propulsion And Collision Emulator
8    Machine Learning in Cancer Treatment: A Computational Method to Compile the Most Practical Treatment
9    Using solar energy to address global warming and sustainability
10    Should we trust reCAPTCHA?
11    Visualization of the Current Trending Searches
12    Protecting Private Information
13    Sin Language: Covid Tracking With Ultrasound
14    Using Technology to Aid Those Struggling With PTSD
15    Simulating the Pleistocene Project
16    Studying bees patterns to stop their extinction
17    Where Are You? Optimizing Search Techniques for Communicative Parties
18    Simulating Molecular Amorphous Metals to Determine Bond Strength and Yield Strength
19    Plagiarism and Mindset in Writing Style
20    Effects of ozone depletion on organisms
21    Plastic in the Sea and How it Affects You and Me
22    The Spread of Airborne Diseases by Socially Disobedient People
23    COVID19 Spreading model
24    An Innovative Military Tool to Keep Service Pilots Out of Dangerous Combat Situations
25    Think Before You Drink
26    Using Automatic Differentiation with Sparse Coding
27    TRN+
28    Ray tracing
29    Fire spread and how to stop it
30    Agricultural Drought
31    Using Fourier Analysis to Classify Running Water Noise
33    Flood Control
34    Exploring Simple Spatial Models of River Floods
35    Replicating Fuel Cells With Code.
36    Solution to Soccer Turf Causing Cancer
37    swarm robot behavior
38    Bacteria and Antibiotic Resistance
40    Wacky Wattmeter 2.0
41    Epidemiology model of Covid-19
43    Deforestation
44    Recycling
45    ocean pollution
47    Civiliztion growth simulation
48    Mastermind
51    Using Hemispheric Sensing with Trajectory Prediction to Mechanically Dodge Space Debris
52    Air Quality Monitoring
53    Flood Levels
54    What's Your Temperature?
55    Best type of fabric for masks.
56    Biases and Stress
57    false accusations
59    To The Rescue
60    To Catch A Battleship
61    The Destruction of National Parks