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Total Number of Proposals: 47
Team    Project Title
1    Remote Sensing of Tropospheric Ozone from Precursor Chemicals
3    Climate Change Affecting The Power Grid
4    Optimizing the Geographic Location of Renewable Energy Sources
5    Simulation of Psychological Effects on Economics
6    Light Pollution
7    Music on Mars: Fourier Spectra to Differentiate Martian Geology
8    The Way Fuel Affects Our Earth and How We Can Help
9    Polar bears
10    Datacasting, an Opportunity in Educational Equity
11    The Healing Process: A Simulation of Wounds
12    Measuring, Analyzing, Predicting, and Improving the Quality of Air
13    Super Computing Challenge: Lunch Fuel
14    Deforestation trackor
15    The Hearing, Exploring, Analyzing, and Visualizing of Nubes (EL HEAVN)
16    Testing the Accuracy of Human Flight or Fight Response
17    Rapid speed of fire
18    H2Oh No! The effect of water vapor on temperature in the atmosphere
19    What changes could occur if two galaxies collide?
20    Eco friendly house
21    A Ray Of Hope
23    Maze solving
24    Effects of Combinations of Halogen Additions to Molecules on Absorption/Emission Wavelength
26    The Correlation of Marijuana Usage and Brain Performance
27    Protein Structure Prediction & Design with Quantum Computing
28    Relationship Between Deforestation and Climate Change
29    Amazon deforstation
30    Classifying Edibility of Mushrooms
31    Tom and Jerry
32    How scenery affects music
33    Mapping wildfires in Southwest Colorado
34    Alzheimer's disease
35    Forecasting Earthquakes
36    Roblox adventure game
37    Predator Prey Simulation Part 2
38    tsunami simulation
39    Organic vs Inorganic Fertilizers Efficiency; using vegetable sprouts
40    The Future of Industrial Energy Production
41    Choosing a Wind Farm Site
45    Entropy in Chess
47     Developing a Control Algorithm and Simulation for Thrust-Vector-Controlled Rockets
48    What is the best strategy for Master Mind?
49    Cattail Research
50    Salt Cedar Along the Pecos River
51    There is NO Yellow.
52    Road Race II
53    Art With Tech
56    Understanding Sweetness