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Total Number of Proposals: 45
School    Team    Project Title
Academy For Tech & Classics    10    A Machine Learning Approach to the Correlation of Precipitation with its Effects
Capital High    8    Analyzing the Impact of COVID and its Correlation with COVID Vaccines.
Capital High    9    Smokey, Robotic fire weather detector
Cleveland High    1    Satellite-Based Machine Learning Algorithm for High-Resolution Air Pollution Monitoring Over Mexico
Cleveland High    15    Developing a helping hand
Cottonwood Classic Prep    2    For Crying "Drought" Loud
Justice Code/International/Harrison    25    Sparks vs. Bolts
Justice Code/International/Harrison    26    Diagnostic A.I.
Justice Code/International/Harrison    32    Homing the Unhomed
Justice Code/International/Harrison    34    police violence
Justice Code/International/Harrison    35    Translation Robot Companion Pet
Justice Code/International/Harrison    36    How to deflect lightning
Justice Code/International/Harrison    37    Eutrophication and Lead Poisoning Preventing Technology
Justice Code/International/Harrison    38    How to predict the spread of bacteria
Justice Code/International/Harrison    39    AI Basketball
Justice Code/International/Harrison    40    Can visuals affect the way people experience music?
Justice Code/International/Harrison    41    Could robots help prevent natural disasters?
La Cueva High    4    Optimizing A Thermal Resonator With AI
La Cueva High    13    Tracking Cislunar orbits
La Cueva High    44    Math Comp-sci Art!
La Cueva High    45    Project IRMA
Los Alamos High    14    Mapping Anthropogenic Ocean Litter with an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
Los Alamos High    28    Developing an Autonomous Aerial Package Transport System
Los Alamos High    47    Fire And Water
McKinley Middle School    3    Mushrooms and How They Eat Trash
Media Arts Collaborative Charter School    18     Mental Health Apps And The Need For A Crisis Button
Melrose High    33    60 million BC
Melrose High    46    Home Scale Aquaculture
Melrose High    49    Modelling Bioluminescent Algae
Monte del Sol    27    Stress Anxiety Monitor (SAM)
New Mexico School for the Arts    17     Finding Safer and Cost Effective Ways to Store Radioactive Waste
Sandia High    6    SINGS: A Simple and Interactive N-Body Gravitation Simulator
Sandia Preparatory    7    Simulating the Creation of Kerosene Using Sunlight, Water Vapor, and Air.
Santa Fe Preparatory Sch    11    Optimizing the Geographic Location of Photovoltaic Panels in the Contiguous US
Santa Fe Preparatory Sch    19    Genetics of ADHD
St. Thomas Aquinas    50    Galaxies Far, Far, Away
St. Thomas Aquinas    51    Forecasting Earthquakes
Taos High    43    Hemp Proposal
Truman Mid    20    Relationship Between Deforestation and Climate Change
Truman Mid    21    Amazon deforstation
Tucumcari High    22    Vehicular Collision Avoidance System
Tucumcari High    23    Autonomous Color Sorting System
Tucumcari High    24    Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Visual Recognition of Images to Show 3d Printed Part Effectiveness
Tucumcari High    29    WALTR (Worksite, Alarm, Light, Transmitter, Receiver)
Tucumcari High    30    Enviornment monitoring